Europe Conference Online Experience

“Behold, I am doing a new thing “

This year’s Europe Conference will be something special! For the first time ever, the yearly summer conference will be completely online-based. We call it the “Europe Conference Online Experience“.

The conference will be held July 30th – August 2nd. The speakers this year are Craig Groeschel, Lisa Bevere, Robert Morris, Jentezen Franklin, Joakim Lundqvist, Carl-Gustaf Severin and Sebastian Stakset. There will also be multiple workshops and seminars on different themes.


General Information

There is no registration or fee for the conference. However you will need to register and get an access code to some seminars and workshops, information on this will come later on.

All morning and evening services will be in English, subtitled to Russian, Czech/Slovak, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Bangla, Hindi, Norwegian and Finnish. Information regarding translation for the seminars will come.

OBS! All times mentioned are Slovak and Swedish time (GMT +02.00).

Live Studio

There will be a live studio in Swedish after every morning service and before every evening service, through our web page. There will be a live studio in Russian before every morning service on Instagram Live (around 8.40-9.00) and a live studio in English directly after every morning service on Livets Ord Facebook Live.

We would love to connect with you and pray for your prayer requests during the conference, so if you are listening to our services please let us hear from you!


Thursday July 30th
19.00 Jentezen Franklin

Friday July 31st
08.30 Morning prayer (Facebook Live)
09.00 Carl-Gustaf Severin
After service: Live Studio (Facebook Live)
12.00 Highlight: Israel (ENG)
16.00 Seminar: Indian Children (SWE – ZOOM)
19.00 Lisa Bevere

Saturday August 1st
08.30 Morning prayer (Facebook Live)
09.00 Robert Morris
After service: Live Studio (Facebook Live)
11.00 Seminar: Leadership Seminar – Mats-Ola Ishoel (ZOOM – registration needed)
12.00 Seminar: Mission (SWE – ZOOM)
19.00 Craig Groeschel
24.00 Youth meeting (SWE)

Sunday August 2nd
08.30 Morning prayer (Facebook Live)
09.00 Sebastian Stakset
After service: Live Studio (Facebook Live)
11.00 Seminar: Ledarseminarium – Joakim Lundqvist (SWE – ZOOM)
12.00 Highlight: 2020 (ENG)
16.00 Seminar: Att nå muslimer (SWE – ZOOM)
19.00 Joakim Lundqvist


We are looking forward to doing this conference together with all of our friends around the world!

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