What does Spark mean? What should Spark share?
Spark means that you are on fire for God, that you are full of Him. No luke-warm Christianity. 🙂

>>  It is the place for students and young adults in the age group 16-28
In God´s word we often see that God uses young people. During our activities and meetings we try to create a space where young adults can know God personally and at the same time can use their potential, that He put into them, to serve him and those around them.

>> Regular Meetings
Every Thursday from 6:00 pm at Tomášikova 30

>> Tun Time
The life of a Sparker, apart from regular Thursday meetings, includes various trips, short mission trips, stays in a cottage, camps and many other creative activities where their talents and abilities can be used and developed.

Regular meetings each Thursday (during the school year)

each Thursdy at 6:00 pm, Tomášikova 30


Podporte našu službu!

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