Children´s Ministry

We want to be more than just a ministry that “watches” children on Sundays while parents listen to lessons. For us, children are just as important as adults, we want them to get to know the Lord from a young age, learn to recognize what is good and bad, get to know the beauty of God’s word and have a lot of fun at the same time. Last but not least, we strive for them to have beautiful and friendly relationships with each other. That is why our service runs all year round, an integral part of which is the annual children’s camps during the summer, the Christmas party and the involvement of children in the Christmas program.

During the Sunday services starting at 10:00 a.m., a parallel program for children takes place (so-called Sunday School), which begins after worship and prayer (before the announcements – it’s about 10:35), when it will also be shown on the screen that the children’s program is starting, usually it will also be pointed out by preacher. Until then the children are under the supervision of their parents. Afterwards, the children meet in the cafeteria for refreshments. There they will be divided into three groups (around 10:50 a.m.).

  • Sheep (children attending kindergarten who are at least three years old)
  • Lions (primary school freshmen and older children born before July 1, 2014)
  • Eagles (born between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2014)

The program for children is adapted to their age – it includes lessons, games, sometimes even handicrafts, songs or a drama, through which we bring the Bible closer to them. Our intention is for them to have their own relationship with God, so that they don’t come here just because of their parents’ faith. We also want to help them develop their talents and skills, so that they can use it at school and make use of it in their personal life and later in ministry. At 12:15 Sunday school ends, parents need to pick them up no later than 10 minutes after the end of the service.

Explanation to which age group the children are assigned

The above division is valid from 10.9. 2023, the limit of children, according to which we determine where they are classified, moves by one year. We consider this age limit to be fairer than the division according to school classes, as some children have a deferral, others come to Bratislava from other countries and graduate from our regular primary schools at a different age than our Slovak children. The date of birth (boundary 1.7.), in addition to being the same age, also helps us in that children who finish the last year of the “eagles” class can continue smoothly in adolescence (G1 – God first) and enter adolescence – youth camp for 13-year-olds. If younger people were to go there, it would not be suitable for them. This division will also allow them to spend exactly three years in the “eagles” class (where the oldest children are) – we have a three-year plan where we go through the whole Bible – so they won’t miss anything and won’t spend an extra year there.

Contact for Sunday school: Martin Hunčár


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