Children´s Ministry

To begin by speaking about how we take care of your children during the sermon seems rather incomplete. We want to be more than just a service that ´baby-sits´ your children on a Sunday morning, whilst you listen to the sermon. For us, children are just as important as adults. We desire that they will know Jesus as their Lord from a young age, that they will learn the difference between good and evil, that they will know the beauty of The Word and at the same time have fun. It is also important to us that the children will build good friendships with one another. Therefore this ministry runs throughout the whole year, important parts of the ministry being camps and a Family Day during the Summer, a Christmas Party and involving the children in the Christmas Service in December, as well as other smaller trips and activities throughout the year.

Our Sunday Service starts at 10.00. The parallel programme for children (Sunday School), starts around 11.00 after worship, notices and collection. Until then, the children remain the responsibility of their parents. The children meet in the cafeteria for a snack where they are then divided into three groups: Sheep (3-5 years old), Lions (6-8 years old) and Eagles (9-12 years old). The Under Threes stay with at least one parent in the ´Mother´s Room´ where there are toys, and parents can watch live streaming from the main hall.

The programme for children is appropriate for their age group. It includes teaching, games, sometimes crafts, songs or a drama, that helps them to understand the Bible more. Our goal is for them to have their own personal relationship with God, that they will not walk in their parents faith. We also want to help them widen their gifts and talents, so they can be used in school and in their personal life and later in ministry. At 12.20 Eagles return to the service, parents of the Sheep and Lions need to collect them from their classroom as soon as the main service finishes.

Contact for Sheep (Pre-Schoolers): Katka Čuříková

Contact for Lions (1st to 3rd Graders): Samira Acsová

Contact for Eagles (4th to 6th Graders): Martin Hunčár


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